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Durable, reliable and secure solid state storage products.

Dedicated to developing energy efficient, highly reliable & secure storage solutions for the embedded systems and enterprise data center markets, Greenliant has facilities in the United States, as well as globally.

The company manufactures a comprehensive product portfolio -- from automotive infotainment to building control and industrial automation. Greenliant also provides storage solutions for video surveillance and digital signage.

Designed to provide high reliability, high performance and large capacity storage for demanding enterprise and Internet datacenter applications, G-card combines Greenliant's advanced controller and an array of small form factor NANDrive™ solid state storage devices, in a standard PCIe add-in card format.

The mSATA ArmourDrive 86 Series is based on Greenliant’s SATA NANDrive, combined with robust power interrupt data protection. These solid state drives (SSDs) offer the features and benefits of NANDrive on a small, removable printed circuit board (PCB) module.


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